The Trojan DAO

Building A new collaborative cultural ecosystem empowered by blockchain. Starting from Athens, Greece


'Blockchain for the Cultural Commons" workshop program

In the context of introducing the DAAO, we have weekly open community meetings in the space of The Syrian And Greek Youth Forum, at Communitism, 28, Kerameikou, every Wednesday 6-8.

The DAAO is not a legal entity or a company. it operates without the need for a central authority, committees and directors. The DAAO is a tool for activism, and for coordination around shared goals, allowing projects to grow efficiently and quickly, without intermediaries and without the burden of costly bureaucracy and the rigidity of conventional institutional frameworks.

The DAAO will be:

A) a means for participants to democratically and collectively direct their resources and energies.

B) a mechanism to greatly reduce the bureaucracy that artists face in coordinating and applying for funding.

C) a sustainable commons that extends financial inclusion by distributing the economic risks and opportunities of art labor across a diverse pool of participants, able to involve with equal terms the unbanked and those who are not registered by any state.

The practice that we will develop together will focus on the intersections of art, technology and the community. Through the meetings we aim to design and support the first (individual and collective) projects that will utilise blockchain elements, and look at different approaches to leveraging blockchain technology in relation to cultural activities in the city, as well as building relationships with mentors from the space that will help and guide the implementation of the proposals that will come from the community we are building, through providing technical knowledge and advice.

Our meetings are open to participants regardless of past experience with the subject, and are open to artists of all media.

Introducing our partners, The Syrian And Greek Youth Forum

Introducing our partners, The Syrian And Greek Youth Forum

DAO workshops at MEME

DAO workshops at MEME