The Big Trojan NFT Open Call!

We are issuing a limited series of collectable NFTs featuring unique artworks celebrating Berlin Blockchain Week and the launch of the Trojan DAO!

We excited to be collaborating with Mintbase, so as to experiment with new creative use-cases for NFTs and on-chain fluidity of digital assets, such as:

  • redeemable tickets, /proof of attendance,

  • giveaways

  • or even launching DAOs that are established by the ownership of these NFTs in the future, or receiving cash flow from future events.

The theme of this NFT Open Call is the Trojan Horse!

95e73f13bdbf805c4882e4a002986753353648 (1).jpg

The selected art works will be exhibited on our on-line gallery/marketplace

To participate in the Open Call please send us an email or reach us on twitter.

The format for the art-works should be 600x600 png, gif, or jpg.

As we are always looking for opportunities to advance decentralised organization in art, and to make things even more interesting, we will also be launching a curation-DAO!

The creators of the selected artworks will become members of the curation-DAO and will be able to collectively curate the featured artists, and distribute the profits from NFT sales transparently between the participating artists and the event organisers.