Our community holds weekly meetings/workshops in the space of The Syrian And Greek Youth Forum, at Communitism 28, Kerameikou street, Athens, every Wednesday 6-8 PM GMT+3, in collaboration of our partners DAOincubator, Communitism, and the SGYF, titled “Blockchain for the Cultural Commons” exploring the potential of DAOs as tools of organization of cultural work outside of the walls of the institutions, and as artworks in their own terms.

The goal of the workshops has been to cultivate the TrojanDAO user base, to educate and engage with other communities interested in leveraging blockchain technology for cultural work, to conduct research, as well as to co-design and support the first artistic projects that will utilise blockchain elements in Athens though fostering relationships between artists working locally and mentors from the blockchain space. 

Example: Academy Gardens DAO

We hope to support a series of projects, as we continue to participate in the cultivation of an ecosystem of interrelated decentralised entities for culture. 

If you are interested in joining our workshop group or would like to be involved as a mentor, come join us if you are in Athens, or reach out to us in the Blockchain for the Cultural Commons Telegram wokshop group.